Cash Management Solutions

Our motto is to empower businesses through innovative technology to efficiently manage, optimize and drive sustainable financial growth.


Scalable, Efficient, Secure, Reliable & Cost Effective

Leverage the smartest technologies for quick, convenient access to opportunities both locally or globally. We can help streamline processes, optimize returns, and automate everyday tasks to ensure cost-effective management of all your cash and working capital requirements.

EDB customer proposition will be based around the following principles:

  • Offer customers peace of mind by reducing the current stress and worries of banking.
  • Simple and easy digitally based services that save time for the customers.
  • Recognize and respect the customers & their relationship with the bank.
  • Deliver the best products at attractive prices.
  • Use clear and transparent communication, including costs and processes.

Account Services:

  • A complete overview of your banking relationship with EDB.
  • Complete Dashboard depicting your banking relationship with EDB, covering all Account, Deposits and Loans with EDB.
  • A complete view of your Asset and Liability position with the Bank.

Payments: Secure and automated transfers, Enjoy the convenience of quick and easy money transfer through secured and user-friendly online channels such as – EDB Smart Connect web portal and EDB smart connect mobile App.

Intrabank transfers: Within EDB Transfers, customers can initiate quick payments within their own EDB accounts or to an account holder within the EDB network. 

Domestic transfers: Well-suited for transfers within the UAE, all payments are settled through the UAE Fund Transfer System (UAEFTS). Transactions are routed through the Central Bank and received by the beneficiary bank for credit to the end beneficiary. Domestic Transfers are fast, secure and reliable under a Central Bank facilitated and regulated system.

Cross border transfers: Make payments to bank accounts across the world with your EDB Account. All cross-border transfers are facilitated through a SWIFT network, with the ability to reconcile and track the status of transfers. 

Packed with features like:  Payments can be made as single, basket or uploaded as a file, in the bank's specified format. The file upload supports bulk payments to suppliers and vendors across the globe. Online validation of the SWIFT, IBAN and SORT codes Take advantage of future dated and special deal payments Download SWIFT copies and acknowledgements from the online channel for payment confirmations Create payment templates once and save for future use Send beneficiary email advice with invoice.

Deposits: A Fixed Term Deposit account is available in AED and USD, and you can save for a set period that you choose.

  • Choose a fixed term between 1 month and 12 months (some currency terms may vary)
  • For USD, GBP and EUR, (please call your Relationship Manager for more information)
  • Hassle-free reinvestment - your term will automatically renew unless you tell us otherwise.

Statements & Reports: Get all statements and advice for your relationship with EDB.

  • Account Statement
  • Loan Statement
  • Transaction History
  • Debit Advice

 Limits and Loans: Summary/overview and loan Schedule Complete Loan overview, with the following details:

  • Loan Start Date
  • Maturity Date
  • Interest rate
  • Principal Amount
  • Interest Amount
  • Currency
  • Outstanding balance
  • Overdue Status/ Amount
  • Next Due Date/ Amount

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