Whistle Blowing

Transparency and organizational integrity are crucial and our top priorities in our business operations. If you have concerns about misbehavior, immoral activity or unlawful activity within the organization, you are encouraged to raise your concerns through our whistleblowing channels. This is to emphasize that all concerns and suggestions will be treated as importance, strictly confidentiality, objectivity and efficiency taking into account the impartiality.

Emirates Development Bank developed it's whistleblowing management channels in accordance with the requirements of the Board Governance in the UAE Federal Government. This covers concerns about actual or suspected irregularity or misconduct of a general operational or financial nature within EDB, including but not limited to:

·         Criminal actions and behavior

·         Non-compliance with laws and regulations.

·         Accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters.

·         Money laundering or terrorist financing;

·         Unfair and/or Inappropriate people management including discrimination, harassment, etc.

·         Breach of (client) confidentiality or privacy.

·         Theft, and fraud.

·         Any action that is classified as bribery,  corruption, extortion, collusion or coercion in order to have direct or indirect benefit for self or for others

         Market abuse.

         Insider trading.

         Exposing any party to HSE hazards.

         Any action that harm the environment.

         Any unethical behavior.

         Hiding or concealing any information about any of the above items.

Contact Us | In the event of any concerns, please send email to:


.        Please read the provided link below on whistleblowing guidelines before reporting any concerns.


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