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Financial Services

Housing Sector Finance

To facilitate real estate credit allocated to the construction, maintenance and development of buildings intended for personal housing and support of real estate projects and complementary projects thereof and contribute in any of them in funding. To finance housing and construction projects on behalf of the government. To assist bodies, federal and local housing programs operating in the country through providing innovative banking and financing solution based on a balanced partnership. To enable Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme to achieve the vision of the government of providing suitable accommodation for citizens through the following :

- Providing banking finance for projects of residential compounds of the program.

- Issuing instruments / bonds to calculate the program in exchange for amounts owed to lenders.

Financing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs):

To provide innovative banking solutions at affordable costs to achieve sustainable development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through the following:

- Direct financing of small and medium companies.

- Indirect financing by issuing partial guarantees.

- Building strategic alliances with all local and federal authorities concerned to encourage citizens to establish their own work.

Financing vital sectors and infrastructure projects

Emirates Development Bank enhances sustainable growth of vital sectors in the national economy through the following:

- Providing innovative financing solutions for vital economic sectors such as health sector and industries associated therewith and business centers (customer service - contact centers).

- Financing craft and agricultural projects and activities.

- Financing projects and investment activities of the associations of public interest, projects and trade activities of cooperative associations.

- Providing financial and economic consultations and feasibility studies.

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